A channel TV with free software

Well the title, maybe, it’s a little exaggerated, but this project was a very good experience.

This is the result:

Now more details…
This video was a online video stream maked to FT@TV forum. FT@TV forum did make an entertaining and exciting draw and I did this stream ( really I’m administrator in FT@TV forum).

To do that I used:

  • WebcamStudio v.  0.57 beta 4, to mix several video sources and text and pictures in screen.
  •  IDJC v. 0.8.7-2, to audio manage.
  •  GIMP 2.8, to make grhapics 
  • Debian  to support all sofware.

In WebcamStudio, the sources must be video from any device like /dev/video*(webcams, tv caputre, etc), ghrapics, an online stream, text, animations and others.
The output must be local stream, local ogg video, live streams in sites like ustream or sites like giss.tv

In IDJC, we can manage all audio, music, jingles, microphones, VoIp, etc…

GIMP to do magic and Debian to everything else.

This article was written by Sergio

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