Installing and configuring MythTV in Debian

Install MythTV using apt or aptitude or synaptic… apt for me.
as root (or sudo)
apt-get install mythtv
Wait. Then, close all software using dvb devices…
/etc/init.d/vdr stop
/etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop
(yes, mythtv too)
as normal user

Main screen of mythtv-setup

Go to Capture cards and add a new capture card.

DVB-S2 in my case.


Go to DiSEqC (Switch, LNB an Rotor Configuration) and select Switch ( if there are)
Configure it.

Then add all LNB’s

LNB configuration

Finish and back to main menu. Go to “Video sources” and add a soruce for each LNB.
Return to main menu and go to “Input connections”

Add a new connection

Select a port to configure

Connect source to the input and go to “Scan for channels”
Select input, add frequency, polarity, Symbol Rate, etc and “Next” to scan
Wait for scan…
and for the result…
Back to main menu and go to “Channel editor”
 And if necesary edit the channels

 Return to main menu and exit. Remember run myfilldatabase

Start mythbackend

sudo /etc/init.d/mythv-backend 

Run frontend

$ mythfrontend

Go to “Utilites / Setup”
Go to “TV Utilities”

Go to Watch TV
And enjoy your channels

This article was written by Sergio

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